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Safety Hose Reels

Steiner Production AB in Kungälv Sweden is proud to offer a range of Hose Reels that can increase safety in most workplaces utilising Compressed Air.

Air-fuse-on-hose-reel Hose_reel_335_with_air_fuse

In powerful electric installations the use of Fuses have since long been a standard, no one would dream of installing an electric line of 3kW without a fuse, but the risk of whiplash damages or injuries is often forgotten when it comes to powerful compressed air line installations.
A compressed air hose can easily supply the same amount of power as the electric line earlier mentioned, several Kilowatts.

So, wouldn’t a Fuse be logical?

Problem solved, The 334 — and 335-Series Hose Reels from Steiner Production can be bought with a fuse installed from the start.

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For company management the use of compressed air fuses in all applications should be extra important, as the regulations that are in force can actually make them personally responsible if there is an accident, and a compressed air fuse was not in use.

EN 4414/ISO § Corporate Manslaughter Act :

When failure of a hose assembly constitutes a whiplash hazard, it shall be restrained or shielded by a suitable means. In adition an air fuse for compressed air shall be mounted.