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Open Hose Reel 335


unoreel Hose Reel 335


Features & Benefits

  • Open reel design in all steel and stainless steel axle (AISI 304)
    – suitable for tough environments
  • Full-Flow Ultra-lightweight PU braided hose
    – for industrial environments
  • High-Grade, Heavy Duty rubber hose
    – for grinding or other spatter environments
  • Full-flow swivel / axle design with PU Ether gasket
    – Well suitable for tools up to 25 l/sec!
  • Up to 18 meters true rollable working length


  • Flex-Assy lead hose up to 3 meters
  • Heavy-Duty revolving hinge with 170° rotation
  • High-flow Coupler / Plug
  • Different thread fittings
  • Revolving hinge
    – Easy to reach your application accurately
  • Safety Version of 335-Reel, with Air Fuse, is available here


Special versions on request

  • For areas with low temperatures down to -30°C
    – fitted with Ultrasoft Ether based PU braided hose
  • Other colors or qualities of hoses