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Our Brands

Our brands below are new as of 2017 and will be implemented in our assortment gradually, You may receive products branded Steiner or otherwise in the transition period.

unoreel logo

unoreel ®

unoreel are our hose reels and electric reels for professional and industrial use, these products are designed and assembled in Kungälv, Sweden, and we are proud to say that they are premium air line and electric products. The assortment includes Safety Hose Reels, Open Steel Hose Reels, Steel Hose Reels, Compound Hose Reels and Compound Electric Reels

unoflex logo

unoflex ®

unoflex are our Hoses, we provide a wide range of dimensions and lengths as standard products, and can also provide custom made alternatives. The assortment includes Braided Standard PU Hoses, Braided POLAR PU Hoses, Braided RubTech Rubber Hoses, Braided SofTech PVC Hoses and Coiled PU Hoses, which can be equipped with or without unocomp quick couplings and plastic or steel thread adapters.

unocomp logo

unocomp ®

unocomp are air line components like quick couplings. plugs, fittings and similar products. See product Pages or  download our PDF Catalogue for more information.