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Steiner A/S was founded in 1998 as a subcontractor, supplying custom made pneumatic hoses and accessories for tool manufacturers and large distributors
in Europe. In December 2014 production and warehouse was moved to Steiner Production AB in Sweden.

Private labelling/custom made manufacturing is a dominant part of our business where we mainly serve industrial- and automotive distributors within
Europe. Over the years we have expanded our product line and today we offer our customers a wide range of pneumatic air line accessories.

With our knowledge we provide our customers with innovative and highest quality solutions that offer genuine and perceptible benefits.
We are commited to provide professional technical support and products in close collaboration with our customers.

Our goal is to expand our position by always being one step ahead of other players in the industry and create highest efficiency products for the pneumatic field.
We welcome your inquiry and will do our best to fulfill your specific needs and requirements.

Please feel free to Contact Us with Your questions or inquiries!

/Dag Audun Fiskvik (CEO)